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A new scientific approach is needed to combat the rise of antibiotic resistance while controlling the continuing onslaught of infectious agents. Such a method should be safe, economical, easy to implement, and have immediate, measurable results.

Cosabody™ embodies those standards and can help animal agriculture turn away from antibiotics.

Cosabody™ is a natural feed for chickens that helps to prevent the immune system from becoming dysfunctional. Invading pathogens cause sickness by shutting down the immune system, cosabody takes that pathway away.  It has no residuals and does not induce resistance.

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It is an AAFCO feed ingredient that is designated as GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

It is cost-competitive with current antibiotic regimens and is effective on top of your own best management practices.

Within a 2-month implementation period, Cosabody in the feed of your next flock rotation could result in birds maintaining their health through a functioning immune system.

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How it Works

Start Healthy, Stay Healthy

Sustainable Flock Health

We prevent the immune system from becoming dysfunctional.

Improve Immunity

Cosabody stops the pathway that some pathogens use to turn off the immune system.

Combat Microbes

Cosabody makes stronger chickens, so that the chicken can use its immune system to combat microbes.

2 Month Implementation

Currently it is simple and easy to use Cosabody. Anyone who raises chickens with a post-pellet applicator can use Cosabody. The egg product needs to be added after the pelleting has occurred. Cosabody should be in the feed formulation for the first 30 days.

Any poultry company can completely convert to antibiotic free in the time it takes to raise chickens. There’s no reason to change your protocol for raising chickens other than adding Cosabody for the first 30 days.


Proof of Concept

In the Field

Hundreds of thousands of chickens have been raised with Cosabody successfully. No Coccidiosis or necrotic enteritis. The chickens started healthy and stayed healthy.
The Western Producer, August 2015.

Variable Standard Drugs CosaBody Change
of Birds 1,018,752 321,746
Livability 90.6 92.3 +1.4%

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